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Macro Optoelectronic Co., Limited

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How can I order LED lighting products from Macro Optoelectronic Co., Limited?

Ordering Procedures
1. A customer sends Purchase Order (PO) to Macro Optoelectronic after browsing our website, reading our catalogue or price list.
2. Macro Optoelectronic makes Proforma Invoice (PI) and sends it to our customer.
3. The customer makes payment and sends the bank slip to Macro Optoelectronic if he or she agrees with the Proforma Invoice.
4. Macro Optoelectronic arranges production. 
5. Macro Optoelectronic deliveries the products to the customer after the production and test are finished. 
6. The customer receives the goods.
7. The customer can contact Macro Optoelectronic for replacement or maintenance in case there are quality problems during the warranty period. Any way, Macro Optoelectronic guarantees high quality of our products by top quality materials, scientific designs, professional technicians, skilled workers and strict tests.

Price Term
Our quotations are based on EXW Shenzhen(for small orders) or FOB Shenzhen(for bulk orders), excluding the freight and insurance. The prices vary for bulk orders according to the exact order quantity. The more order quantity, the larger discount will be offered.

Payment Term
T/T is preferred, PayPal and Western Union are available for small orders.

Macro Optoelectronic is responsible for replacement or maintenance during the 2 or 3 years warranty period.

1. For sample orders and small orders, we use express such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, EMS, etc.
2. For large orders, we usually use shipment by Sea or by Air.
3. Customers can also use their own express accounts or assign their forwarding agents to make transportation.

Delivery Time
1. For sample orders, from 3 to 7 working days are needed for production according to the product type. Immediate shipment can be arranged on receipt the payment if there are stocks.
2. For buck orders, from 7 to 15 working days are needed for production according to the exact order quantity.
3. Special custom products usually need longer delivery time than standard products.

The freight varies according to the destination, weight, volume, courier or forwarding agent and also shiping date. We always choose the fastest, cheapest and safest shipping option for our customers.

FAQ about LED Lighting

1. What is LED?
A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device that emits light when electrically forward biased. The color of the emitted light depends on the composition and condition of the semiconducting material used, and can be visible, infrared or near-ultraviolet.

2. Why do we call LED green lighting?
The green lighting means lights are energy efficient, long life, environmental friendly and increased safety. LED has above-mentioned characters, so we call LED green lighting. Macro Optoelectronic is contributing to environmental protection by investing in green lighting technology.

3. How long can the LED operate?
A LED can operate over 50,000 hours in an ideal situation. The Emitter (Star) can’t operate at rated current more than 5 seconds without proper heat sink, otherwise the LED will be damaged.

4. What are the benefits of LED lighting?
•Long life
•Energy efficient
•Design flexibility
•Vivid saturated colors
•Robust and vibration proof
•Instant light
•No mercury
•No UV
•Cold lighting
•Low voltage, DC operated

5. Are there any disadvantage of LED lighting compared with incandescent or fluorescent bulbs?
Yes. The most significant disadvantage is the light output limitation of LED. Currently available LED emit limited amount of lights at a relatively small beam angle range, while incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs illuminate in all directions and give out much more brightness of light. And this is the reason why LED currently can not be used for some general lighting applications.
The second significant disadvantage is the high prices of LED. The currently available LED in the market are 3 ~ 10 times more expensive than equivalent incandescent and or fluorescent bulbs. This is why some customers still hesitate to buy LED lighting products even though LED has so many obvious advantages over incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. Actually people can save money by using LED products in the long run.

6. Can LED lights be used to replace conventional incandescent and florescent light bulbs directly?
Yes, LED lights have increasingly been used in many different applications to replace old incandescent light bulbs. Examples include LED global bulbs, LED tubes and LED panels for residential and commercial lighting, LED floodlights for outdoor decorative and illumination lighting, LED high bay lights for industrial lighting such as factory, warehouse, LED holiday decoration lights for Christmas and other holidays, LED indicator lights for all kinds of electronic devices such as cell phone, LCD back-lighting, etc., LED traffic signs and other LED direction signs, and so on.

7. What color temperature should I choose for LED lighting?
White LEDs are widely used as the color of illuminating lighting. There are many color temperatures(CCT) from 2000K to 20000K for different white LED lighting applications. The following chart will help you understand the CCT better.

8. Why LED lights in some colors are more expensive than in other colors?
The reason is that different semiconductor materials are used for different color LEDs, and some semiconductor materials are more expensive than others; another reason is that manufacturing costs are different.

9. When will LED lights replace traditional lighting technologies and become the new standard?
While LED technology is quickly evolving into one of the most promising alternatives in energy-efficient lighting, widespread adoption will take time. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that LED lighting will overtake incandescent and compact fluorescent technologies to become the lighting solution of choice in American homes within 10 years. We’ll continue to track the development of LED technology, and we expect to offer financial incentives for future products as they meet ENERGY STAR standards.

10. Where can I buy energy saving LED lights from?
Right here! Macro Optoelectronic develops and produces the high quality, long lasting energy efficient LED lighting products ranging from LED floodlights, LED high bay lights, LED tube lights, LED panel lights, LED downlights, etc to meet different customers' needs.

11. Are there quantity discounts?
Yes. We offer discounts for our customers who order large quantities of LED lamps.

12. How should I dispose of a LED lamp?
Our LED Light Bulbs do not contain harmful metals or chemicals, so you can dispose it like a normal incandescent light bulb. However, over 95% of the LED lamp is recyclable, so we believe that those who are so inclined to buy LED bulbs are also inclined to recycle. However, it is common for these bulbs to last over 10 years, so it will be a long time before you have to be concerned about recycling your LED bulbs.

13. What sort of guarantee do our LED lights come with?
Our LED lights come with 2 or 3 years warranty. The warranty only applies for normal use of LED lights and do not include improper use for which the lamps were not intended to perform.